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Wordpress Website Conversion

Do you need help migrating your Wordpress site into it's own module? This usually comes in mind when:

  1. You need a custom feature integrated. You are limited by what Wordpress can do.
  2. You are expanding your business, you want more control of your online presence platform.
  3. You just want out of Wordpress and dive into the wonders of what the present day tech can offer.

Corporate Website

Do you think it's time that your company must have its own online presence?

  1. Let's expand your marketing channels to not just by word of mouth and a Facebook page; get a domain and solidify your company presence throughout the internet.
  2. Update anything in the site on the go without ever having to worry to contact your developer to upload a photo and edit a description.

Personal Website

Having 200k followers in Instagram is great and all, but there will be a time when you need to validate that your online presence isn't just for fun.

  1. Ability to blog whenever you want.
  2. Lazy to blog? Get your instagram feed to update on your personal website. Or maybe your twitter feed.
  3. Twitch streamer? That's cool, have a spot where you can set a notification for your followers when you go online, put a discord invite link and monitor redirects. Endless integrations
  4. You need more than just blogs? Maybe you're a traveler and you'd like to share your itineraries, sure.
  5. Expand your social status from just social media accounts

Work Portfolio

Need a place to show off your most recent work?

  1. Trying to score clients but they want to see what you've done but you have nothing to show? Let's show all your works for the world to see!
  2. Add your CV for the clients to view. Let's face it, some of them need this.
  3. Integrate a contact form to the website so they could contact you right away

E-Commerce for Businesses

You're maybe just starting out your small business, have a business but do not have your own website yet, or you are already flourishing on Instagram but you want a more hands-off system to handle everything automatically for you; from order, payment to delivery.

If you have no idea what is needed, leave it to us to help you build one. If you know what you want, do let us know too, we can build it on:

  • Woocommerce
  • Shopify
  • Wix eCommerce
  • Webflow eCommerce
  • Squarespace
  • Custom website + Woocommerce
  • Custom everything!

This service is our most flexible yet, so let us know what you need in detail. Let's create them together.

iOS & Android App

It's time to have an app for your business?

  • Web app is never enough, people are always on their phones nowadays.
  • Alternatively, you can make a PWA app if the cost scares you.

Web App

Want to have a website but with features like an app? That's called a Web App. Like Facebook, Instagram, AirBnB, etc.

  • Booking management
  • Social Media Platform
  • Map Visualizer
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Merchant Dashboard
  • Custom

Custom Request

You have this crazy idea you want to make/implement but you can't really explain how and if you are not sure if it's possible or not?

Sure I get what you mean, get in touch with us and we will help straighten your idea out into smaller milestones and gauge the possibility of it being achievable or not.

Ready to get started?

Are you ready to start to expand your business exposure or fix that silly bug that's been bugging your mind for months? Send us a message to get a free quote and we will get back to you as soon as you say SOON!
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