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Turbot is a type of flatfish, and a Discord Bot!

Building Turbot was kind of like a challenge to me. The whole infrastructure of code and logic that is happening behind the scene is delicate.

Turbot is a multi-tasking Discord bot. It can help moderate your server(s), play music in your voice channel, it can say what ever you want it to say, without hesitation and many more. Turbot also comes with a dashboard interface to manage the internals. This includes switching on certain plugins, create custom commands & custom greetings, view the stats of your servers, members count and more to come.

As of this moment Turbot is still in alpha. That being said, it is not a complete app & there may be bugs lurking somewhere in the app.

On the technical side:

  • Discord bot is built with NodeJS + Typescript, deployed via CircleCI to AWS Lightsail VPS.
  • Web Dashboard is built with React, deployed via AWS Amplify.
  • Authentication via AWS Cognito + Discord (I forked an existing shim to make this work, check it out here. Its open source!)
  • Using DynamoDB + AWS Appsync for datastore and querying. (Long live Graphql)

Safe to say, everything is living in AWS. Except for the CI/CD.

If you want give the bot a spin, feel free to invite it to your server.

If there is any errors, just head down over to the support page and submit a ticket.

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