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About Us

What the Tukang?! is home to a group of freelancers that are specialised in their own respective field. We offer solutions to problems. We help businesses by delivering quality products & services until the end. From small gaps to a huge footprints, we help by patching those gaps up. We are specialised in every technology aspect that you can imagine, but leave all that to us and focus on what's important, running your business.

We operate differently than how a typical agency works. Some of our freelancers own full-time jobs, some don't. So believe us when we say, what pressure? We do not take every freelance opportunities that we get. We run on a very modified Kanban approach. There is no hierarchy in our group. Just a bunch of friends working together to get shit done.

The team comprises of a group of specialists who have experience in the end to end flow of tech and data solutions.

With experience with three cloud platforms (GCP, AWS, Azure) and a range of different tools that accelerate the development of solutions and deliver optimum results.

The team regularly undergoes training and development in order to always remain competitive. There are also specialists who focus on bridging the gap between business and tech to ensure that work flows remain smooth and end goals are reached.

Ready to get started?

Are you ready to start to expand your business exposure or fix that silly bug that's been bugging your mind for months? Send us a message to get a free quote and we will get back to you as soon as you say SOON!
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